The Standard in Bankruptcy Management

Data Requirements

The key to a successful selling process is the early gathering of complete and accurate account information.

Basic Data Requirements

  • Account Number
  • Borrower Name
  • Borrower Social Security Number
  • Borrower Address
  • Collateral Information, if Secured (i.e. VIN #, make, model, year)
  • Current Balance
  • Original Creditor
  • Original Creditor Account Number (if not the same as account number)

Additional Account-Specific Data Requested

  • Type of Account
  • Account Origination Date
  • Interest Rate
  • Last Payment Amount
  • Last Payment Date
  • Charge-off Date
  • Charge-off Amount
  • Charge-off/Closure Reason/Code
  • Payment History
  • Home Phone
  • Work Phone
  • Co-borrower/Spouse Name
  • Re-aged or Re-structured
  • Judgement Code, Amount and Date


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