The Standard in Bankruptcy Management

Benefits of Selling a Bankruptcy Portfolio

The benefits to a creditor of selling accounts to NCM are many, including:

Recognition of up-front cash

  • Cash for non-performing assets
  • Improve earnings
  • Reduction in loan losses
  • Accelerate cash flow
  • Time value of money

Elimination of legal risk for bankruptcy accounts

  • Reduce exposure to technical bankruptcy violations
  • Reduce risk of bankruptcy discharge (Chapter 7)

Reduction in bankruptcy collection expenses

  • Separate bankruptcy from collection accounts
  • Require less labor and attention
  • Reduce costs and legal fees

Elimination of bankruptcy management training and staff

  • Better utilize employees and capital
  • Eliminate reporting and collection issues from agency assignments

Reallocation of capital tied to bankruptcy administration to the core business

  • Re-Invest proceeds in core business
  • Reduce loan loss reserve


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