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Secure File Transfer

Account data exchanged between NCM and its clients must be protected by strong encryption. We support a variety of encrypted file transfer methods, but most often we use PGP encryption for e-mailed files or file upload and download via SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol).

Your account manager will discuss with you an appropriate means of secure file transfer, which may involve exchanging PGP keys or creating an SFTP account for you. Public PGP keys of NCM staff are available here: PGP keys

If you choose to use the NCM SFTP server to transfer files, an account will be created for you which you can access using commonly available SFTP software. We recommend FileZilla, which can be downloaded at no charge here. The following explains how to establish an SFTP connection to our server using FileZilla, but the settings should be easy to apply to any SFTP-compliant software.

To connect using Secure FTP (SFTP) using FileZilla

SFTP using FileZilla

Step 1: Select "Site Manager" from the "File" menu
Step 2: Click "New Site" and give it a name
Step 3: Enter the server name:
Step 4: Select "SFTP over SSH2"
Step 5: Select "Normal" login type
Step 6: Enter username and password
Step 7: Click "Connect"

You should then see "initializing SFTP connection" in the FileZilla console.

Step 8: Once you've successfully connected, double-click the "incoming" or "outgoing" folder to change directories for uploading or downloading files

If you have any problems related to file transfer or wish to review alternate means of file exchange, discuss with your account manager, or contact NCM IT staff directly:

Bryan Paxton  901-435-7020
Greg Carmack 901-435-7028

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